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The critical people who work with youth beyond the classroom. Help us better understand and better advocate for your jobs by TAKING THIS NATIONAL SURVEY and having your staff also do so.

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Over 144,000 of Minnesota's youth are alone and unsupervised afterschool.

We are Minnesota's Afterschool Network, working to close this gap through policy, quality programs, and partnerships.

Our goal  

Every community and every youth has access to quality afterschool programs.

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Ignite Afterschool is a proud state affiliate of the National Afterschool Association and member of the 50 State Afterschool Networks.

Our Approach
About The Network
We bring afterschool partners together to create a collective voice and strengthen afterschool in Minnesota.
Why Afterschool Matters
Why Afterschool Matters
Dive into the research on why afterschool matters for youth, families, and communities across Minnesota.
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Access resources that help afterschool programs and youth workers improve their practices.
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