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Virtual M3 Huddles

In February 2021, Ignite will be co-hosting two open Virtual M3 Huddles in partnership with Sprockets St. Paul, Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, and United Way Central Minnesota: Partner for Student Success.

For those who haven’t been involved in a huddle before… HERE is a bit of an overview of what it is all about. The two-day virtual version is spread over two consecutive days. If you are interested in participating, please register for ONE of the following options on behalf of your team:

Option 1: February 11th from 9-12:30 and February 12th from 9-11:30

Option 2: February 4th from 9-12:30 and February 5th from 9-11:30

During the virtual session, teams move into breakout rooms. This fall we piloted the process with two program teams having all their members work from home, and one with a team meeting (socially distanced) together in a boardroom.  Both options were successful and we will work with you to accommodate your situation.  We are using MIRO as the online platform to replace the traditional paper graphics. Here is a tutorial put together for the pilot session that will give you a visual of what MIRO looks like. We will share additional information closer to the date. At least one person from your team will need to be willing to learn about MIRO to take notes for the team, but as many as like can do so.

Work With What You Got: Making Meaning of Program Data in the Time of COVID

This session will be offered twice; please register for just one: Friday, January 29, 11-12:30 or Wednesday, February 3, 2-3:30

Wondering if this 90-minute workshop is right for a team from your program?

Check out this handy decision tree!

WWWYG Decision Tree

Making data-informed plans and decisions has taken on new complexity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, while we couldn’t have predicted what 2020 would bring, Ignite Afterschool’s Making Meaning with Multiple Data Sets (M3®) Continuous Program Improvement (CPI) process was designed from the start to account for life and youth work in particular being unpredictable. It’s tool neutral, grounded in context, and adaptable.

Whether you are brand new to the world of M3 CPI or an experienced Huddler, you’re invited to join Ignite for an interactive, dynamic workshop focused on building your team’s ability to collect and make meaning of data…even under extremely challenging circumstances. We’ll focus on data of your choosing, regardless of the condition it’s in. We’ll contact you ahead of time to help you think about your options.

The session will include:

  • 1. Some work, some play, and a lot of compassion and understanding about the challenges of programming and data collection in the time of COVID.

  • 2. An inclusive process that guides teams in working together and with others to dig into and better understand current program data. Young people, youth workers, program managers, evaluators, and others are encouraged to attend!

  • 3. Several practical tools and activities to take back to your organization, whether as skill-building opportunities, the start of an improvement plan, or preparation for a Huddle.

MN Afterschool Connect (Zoom): Weekly Updates & Conversation

MN Afterschool Connect

Continuing the conversation for Minnesota's Afterschool providers and stakeholders around COVID-19 response - hosted by Kari Denissen Cunnien and Ignite Afterschool. We can't wait to see your lovely face soon! Please share with partners and colleagues.