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New to youth development or honing your skills? PDX offers courses tailored to empower you on your journey. Discover the ideal course to supercharge your impact in the youth development field.


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How it work? 

  1. In-Person Training of Trainers (ToT) Join our immersive In-Person Training of Trainers (ToT) for just $99! Transform yourself into an exceptional trainer and unlock endless opportunities! 
  2. Unlock The Foundations Bundle: Upon ToT completion, access our Foundations Bundle: 1 Manager Portal & 7 Youth Worker Portals—an all-encompassing resource for program managers & youth workers.
  3. Join the vibrant PDX Community! Dive into a journey of growth, learning, and empowerment in youth development excellence

Manager Portal - Empowering Leaders: Unlock a treasure trove of resources for program managers! Our virtual hub offers training materials, tools, and expert insights to enhance your team's skills and impact. Your go-to platform for high-quality professional development.

Youth Worker Portal: Elevating Direct Service Impact: Elevate your impact as a frontline youth worker! Our Youth Worker Portal offers a wealth of resources, from worksheets to videos and lesson plans. Enhance the quality of your youth work with ease. 

PDX Training of Trainers: BiBi Foundations Bundle 2 & 4