Why Afterschool Matters

Afterschool programs inspire learning, give parents peace of mind, and keeps youth safe. Here's what the research says on the impact of afterschool.

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Afterschool Makes a Difference for Youth and Families

Youth who participate in high-quality afterschool programs show improved school attendance, behavior, and core academic performance (ABC's) (1)

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Better Attendance
Youth who participate in afterschool show improved school attendance
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Better Behavior
Youth who participate in afterschool show improved social-emotional behaviors
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Better Academic Performance
Youth who participate in afterschool show improved grades in core subjects
All Youth Need Equal Access to Afterschool

Closing the afterschool opportunity gap will create a better and more equitable Minnesota

of parents support
82% of Minnesota's parents support public funding of afterschool programs

Based on a survey of Minnesota parents as part of the national America After 3 PM survey.

Income Participation Gap

Only 51% of low-income youth regularly participate in afterschool programs, compared to 69% of their higher-income peers - an 18 percentage point gap.

Ignite Afterschool Data and Publications
Data Toolkit Book Cover

One-page briefs giving a snapshot of state and regional data on Afterschool Access.

Issue Education toolkit

Info and resources you need to communicate the importance of afterschool to decision-makers.

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Resource for coordinating afterschool systems building in cities and communities.