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Our voices are stronger together.

Your voice and the afterschool impact stories you share with policymakers can make the difference in young people's access to afterschool programs. 

Get ready to tell your afterschool story using the resources here, and then take action with the Policy Alerts below. 

Afterschool For All MN, Advocacy Toolkit:

  • Toolkit Overview. To aid you in building relationships with your legislators and helping advocate for better access to high-quality afterschool program for all Minnesota students.

  • Key Messages. Think of these key messages and supporting points as a primer to help you effectively communicate the value of afterschool.

  • Tips for Speaking with Your Legislator. Your goal is to develop an ongoing personal relationship with your elected representatives, as well as to influence their position on afterschool programming and funding. Here are a few general things to keep in mind when speaking with legislators.

  • Planning a Site Visit. Asking your policymaker to visit your program is one of the most effective ways to familiarize them with your work and show off your successes. It gives you the opportunity to get to know the policymaker better and build your relationship with them.

  • Tips for Writing an Op-Ed. Local news coverage is one of the best ways for legislators to stay up to date on the issues their constituents care about most.

  • Sample Letter to the Editor. You know your story best; feel free to personalize and share additional information you feel is important.

  • Sample Letter to your Legislator. And, You know your story best, please personalize and share additional information you feel is important.

  • MN Afterschool Access Snapshot. This brief shares key findings about afterschool access for Minnesota youth, using an analysis of the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) data.

  • 21st CCLC in MN + Case Studies. Proving that what happens afterschool impacts what happens in school.

  • Ignite Afterschool Overview. Afterschool progarms unlock young people's fullest potential; that’s why our network is guided by a set of shared beliefs.

  • How Ideas Become Law. A flowchart infographic.

More Issue Education and Advocacy Resources:


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