Community Coordination

Stronger Together. 
For Programs Working in Partnership.

We’re passionate about the proven, positive impact regular participation in high-quality afterschool programs has on young people’s lives. And we get REALLY excited when those impacts are amplified by entire communities of afterschool programs working together.

That’s because when afterschool programs coordinate, young people benefit.  Sharing data, staff trainings and resources can significantly improve the quality and accessibility of afterschool programs for youth and families within a community that coordinates.

 So, ready to coordinate? Start here.

Community Coordination Resources
Supporting Youth Success Report Cover

A Minnesota-specific vision which proposes communities work together in order to increase access, improve program quality, optimize the use of public and private resources, and increase successful coordination.  

A Place to Grow and Learn

After years of learning from community coordination efforts across the country, The Wallace Foundation outlines the key elements of community coordinating efforts and the associated outcomes.

Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework graphic

The Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework is a comprehensive tool that helps a community focus their data collection efforts to inform decision making at the community, program, and youth level.

Find Your (New) Friends.

Minnesota is already home to several well-established local afterschool networks. Perhaps there’s already a vibrant afterschool community just waiting for you to join!