Believe It. Build It. (Download)

Minnesota's Guide to Effective Afterschool Practices.
A shared language for afterschool program practitioners, funders, and supporters.

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Why Believe It. Build It.?

We believe that the work we do as afterschool providers deeply and positively impacts a young person’s success.

We believe that we can build stronger programs by intentionally incorporating research-based best-practices. And stronger programs serve youth better.

We invite you to Believe It. Build It. (now with Be It!). Download this free, open-source workbook as a blueprint for you to use, share, and use again to help make your program the best it can be. To start your order for physical copies of the guidebook, please email


Who Should Use This Guide?
Youth workers and program managers
Supporters of Afterschool Learning Opportunities
System Builders
Decision makers and intermediary leaders
Know the Building Blocks of quality afterschool programs
Believe it. Build it. cover

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Use this book toolkit

A toolkit for facilitating your own "Use This Book!" training, to introduce your partners to Believe It. Build It.