Organizational Management, Staff Support, and Youth Safety

Building Block 6

building block 6

What It Means:

Programs are safe and stable.  They are part of a sustainable, well-run organization that values high-quality staff and supports them through professional development and training. 


Why It Matters:

An afterschool program is only as good as the people who run it and as solid as the foundation upon which it is built.  Research shows that programs must be high-quality and have a sturdy infrastructure in order to positively impact youth success.


What Effective Practices Look Like:

  • Program mission is understood by staff, board, youth and families and is aligned with the goals of the broader organization (if applicable.)

  • Program has written policies, systems and documentation in place to ensure a safe, appropriate environment and a response for day-to-day needs as well as emergencies.

  • Program has solid oversight: a clearly defined decision-making process, set policies that are understood and followed, and competent supervision of staff/volunteers. 

  • Organization respects and supports the culture and identity of youth workers, and values them as individuals and professionals.

  • Organization provides a clear path for staff to develop and advance, and ensures access to multiple staff professional development opportunities, including research-based best practices and cultural responsiveness. 

  • Program budget is tied to program goals, supported by solid financial management.

  • Program has a system for collecting and evaluating data to support the program’s continuous growth and improvement.

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