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Thriving Strategy Five

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Thriving Strategy 5 - Collaboration & Community

Hear what youth workers have to say about this Thriving Strategy.

What it means:

Youth work links to the outside world. It’s part of something bigger that’s making a positive impact on young people and entire communities. As a youth worker, you are part of the community that is connected to all the pieces that touch a young person’s life — family, school, neighborhoods, and more.

Why It Matters:

There’s strength in numbers. Young people get the support they need to thrive when you as a youth worker collaborate with others. Being deeply connected to a young person’s community puts you closer to “where they’re at” so you can better meet them there. It also helps you better understand the unique opportunities, resources and strengths in their community. When you’re connected to a network of community allies, young people are part of the “bigger picture,” and we’re all better able to support them as a whole person. Together, struggles are divided, solutions are multiplied, and youth have more opportunities to connect, learn and lead.

Manager Action Item:

Managers play a critical role in nurturing connection and collaboration. Do staff have permission to use work time to form relationships with coworkers? How can you teach community-building skills and give staff spaces to practice? Do this: Each month, pick one staff member to focus on. Make a professional introduction for them. Bring them along to one community-building meeting on your calendar and debrief afterward.