Thriving Strategy Six

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Thriving Strategy 6 - Advocacy

Hear what youth workers have to say about this Thriving Strategy.

What it means:

Advocacy is messy. Sometimes it’s personal — it can be specific to you, your program and/or the young people you support. Sometimes it’s fixing policies and practices at your organization so that they better support youth and youth workers. Sometimes it’s coaching young people to advocate for their own needs. And sometimes it’s advocating for bigger policy change at a city, county, state or national level.

Why It Matters:

While advocacy is undoubtedly challenging, it also has the potential for great reward. Systemic change can happen, funding sources can increase, opportunities for youth can expand — but only if we come together to advocate for our needs and values personally, publicly, and alongside young people.

Manager Action Item:

Understand the role your organization can play in formal advocacy efforts (especially if you are a nonprofit) and empower youth workers to engage in allowable advocacy work. Do this: Challenge your organization to take a stand for the opportunities and resources young people need. Ask youth workers to reflect on policies or practices that have the potential to improve youth outcomes and then take action to change them.