Take Action for Afterschool Funding!

It’s time to take action to secure afterschool funding in Minnesota!

The 10 legislators of the Conference Committee have been announced, and they need to hear about the value of afterschool from all Minnesotans as they decide what to fund in the final budget bill.

This legislative session has been a rollercoaster ride – thanks for all you’ve done to keep us on track towards afterschool funding in Minnesota. Now’s the time to redouble your efforts, to push the Afterschool Community Learning Grants bill along the final stretch of the 2015 session! Here’s how:

  1. Create your personalized email or call script, using our template.
  2. Call or email as many Conference Committee members (view the list of legislators here) as you can to urge their support for the Afterschool Community Learning Grants Bill (House File 947, Senate File 1017) in the Conference Committee.
The legislative session ends on May 18th. Let’s make these last two weeks count – Minnesota’s youth are counting on us!
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