Afterschool STEM Learning Community and STEM Guide Launches Today

Ignite Afterschool believes every young person should have the opportunity to discover their passions and imagine their future in afterschool. We’re excited to release our Believe It. Build It. STEM Guide and Afterschool STEM Learning Community today to help all young people explore their interest in science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) in afterschool programs.

The Believe It. Build It. STEM Guide is Minnesota’s effective practices guide for STEM learning in afterschool. It builds off Believe It. Build It. – Minnesota’s Guide to Effective Afterschool Practices. A free download the of the STEM Guide and a collection of online resource are now ready to go at:

To learn more about the launch of Minnesota’s Afterschool STEM Learning Community, a collaborative of 16 afterschool programs across the state working to improve STEM learning for youth, read the full press release here.

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