Making A Difference In Young People’s Lives

It’s a fact: quality matters.

Dozens of studies over the past decade all point to the same result — it’s good for young people to participate in high-quality afterschool programs.  Just check out some of our favorite research papers on the impact of high quality afterschool in Minnesota and across the country here.

In order to make a positive impact in the lives of young people, afterschool programs must be high-quality.  [it’s more than Point of Service, it’s about PD and access to resources]That’s why Ignite Afterschool supports equitable access to professional development opportunities for youth workers across the state.  We want youth workers from Brooklyn Park to Brainerd to Bois Forte to build their skills and see youth work as a strong career path.

Our first step is to survey Minnesota’s program providers to uncover where training opportunities are and — more importantly —are not.

By identifying gaps in professional development opportunities, helping under-served communities gain access to opportunities, and using technology to share and maximize training opportunities across communities, we’re taking steps to improve the quality of afterschool programming across the state.