The voices of many are stronger than the voice of one. 

Just as every young person is different, each community’s afterschool journey is different.

And yet, we believe that the shared goals and challenges of the afterschool community are stronger than our differences.  Together, we’re finding areas of common ground and using our collective power to ignite positive change for Minnesota’s young people by advocating with a unified voice.

The diverse mix of voices, experiences and passions that comprise the Ignite Afterschool network are focused on three core areas.  We invite you to learn more about our latest work in each:

All organizations, communities and individuals serving young people in Minnesota are welcome to join Ignite Afterschool.  Contact us today, or keep reading if you want to learn about how committees support our work and how to get involved.


This committee guides Ignite Afterschool’s work on any policy or legislative issues that affect afterschool in Minnesota. We discuss and act on key questions, such as how to design afterschool policy that tackles common community issues, and how to leverage afterschool research to positively impact communities.

Chairs: Erik Skold and Ann DeGroot

Erik Skold

Ann DeGroot

Statewide Partnerships

This work group focuses on strengthening the connections in Minnesota’s afterschool field.  We work to ensure voices throughout Minnesota are incorporated into the statewide work of Ignite Afterschool.  In addition, we are working regionally to plan networking events to discuss the unique local needs in afterschool.  Ultimately, we will be drafting a recommendation on how to structure our statewide partnerships to both meet regional needs and support a statewide agenda.

Chair: Eric Billiet

Eric Billiet

Quality and Professional Development

This committee strives to promote quality afterschool programs and access to Professional Development opportunities for youth and afterschool workers across Minnesota. Our approach is to increase discussion and sharing of information and ideas between all communities, so everyone can access the resources they need to make great afterschool programming a reality.

Chairs: Deborah Moore and Mandy Wroolie

Deborah Moore

Mandy Wroolie


The communications committee brings together the diverse perspectives of our partners and community stakeholders to create a unified message across multiple platforms, in order to spark conversation, raise awareness and communicate the value of afterschool in Minnesota.

Chair: Sheila Oehrlein

Sheila Oehrlein