Find STEM Programs Near You!

We’re excited to announce that our network partners at the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota STEM Network  – in partnership with Boston Scientific  and the MN High Tech Association – are launching a new tool to locate STEM learning opportunities in Minnesota! The site is, and features programs across all of Minnesota that are organized by Subject, Program Type, Age Level, and Region.

Ignite Afterschool always gets excited when our network partners launch an afterschool or summer learning program locator, because it moves Minnesota one step closer to our vision of all young people in Minnesota having access to high-quality afterschool learning opportunities. There remains much to be done to realize this goal, but parents and youth being able to easily find programs that fit their interests and needs is a big step forward. Plus, this locator is especially exciting because it’s all about STEM. So go ahead and check out the STEM learning opportunities near you!

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