Celebrate Mozilla Maker Party!

We’re excited to be partnering with Mozilla to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Maker Party. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic Internet users of all ages and skill levels. Ignite Afterschool believes this global effort is a great opportunity to teach web literacy and empower youth through hands-on learning. That’s why we’re supporting Maker Party and urging our network partners to share it with the afterschool and summer programs they know. We think all youth should know about the fun and engaging activities they can do at a Maker Party!

If you want to get more involved, consider attending a Maker Party event in your community. It’s a great chance to improve your knowledge of how the web works, while getting your hands dirty and having a little fun. Better yet, why not gather a few friends and throw a small event of your own.

We’re proud to support Mozilla’s Maker Party in its mission to move us all – youth and adults – beyond simply consuming the web, to understanding and creating it, so it remains open, accessible and ours. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Maker Party!

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