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Areas of Expertise

  • Program Design
  • Continuous Improvement Cycles
  • Data + Measurement
  • Logic Models


Impact Mapping + Measurement is how I teach organizations to define, measure, adjust, and grow the good their programs can do.  I help them make sense of their data, so they can use it in tandem with their expertise to make better decisions along the way, when they can make the most difference.  I am a teacher by training, and my process is all about empowering your team to use data in practical and meaningful ways, so that you can tell a more powerful story that others want to be part of.  You can hire me for Impact Mapping, Impact Measurement, or tailored coaching sessions.  We can work in person or via SKYPE to get clear on where you are going, how you will get there, and make sure you don’t get lost along the way.

Resources & Trainings – Categorized by Building Block (BB) or CPI section

See my website’s Resources page for info on the trainings and resources I offer. I provide trainings on:

Continuous Program Improvement (CPI):

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Brandi Olson
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