Believe It. Build It. Toolkits

Want to put Believe It. Build It. to good use? Or maybe you want to share it with your partners and spark new ideas about how to strengthen your programs? To ensure programs across Minnesota always have fresh inspiration and the supports needed to use Believe It. Build It., we're committed to developing a series of Toolkits tied to Believe It. Build It. These online toolkits will include links to the materials needed to lead group sessions or trainings that explore the content of Believe It. Build It. in hands-on and engaging ways. Each toolkit contains everything you need to lead your own Believe It. Build It. training with your partners.

We will announce these toolkits as they're developed, so be sure to subscribe to updates to learn when the next toolkit is available. 


Use This Book! Toolkit

This toolkit includes new worksheets to support your implementation of  Believe It. Build It., as well as everything you need to facilitate the Use This Book! session with your partners or stakeholders, so you can start putting Believe It. Build It. (BiBi) to work for your programs. Use this Book! is a hands-on session where participants explore the content and resources of BiBi, and identify actions to integrate the book's Continuous Program Improvement process into their programs.

Downloading this toolkit gives you access to all the materials needed to run the session, including a detailed process agenda, an accompanying powerpoint presentation, a FAQ sheet, and lots of beautiful handouts to share during the session. So go ahead, download the toolkit and enjoy!