#6. Organizational Management, Staff Support & Youth Safety

Programs should be safe and stable.  They should be part of a sustainable, well-run organization that values high-quality staff and supports them through professional development and training. Research shows that programs must have this  sturdy infrastructure in order to positively impact youth success.

Research and Reports
Tools and Templates
  • Huang, D. & Dietel, R. (2011). Making Afterschool Programs Better. Retrieved from the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, & Student Testing at UCLA. This report outlines 5 components that work together to create a quality afterschool program, with an emphasis on program staff and leadership.
  • SEDL. (n.d.). “Management Resources for Afterschool Programs.” A collection of resources to assist afterschool programs with: strategic planning, leadership, staff development, fiscal management, advocacy, and sustainability of the program.
  • Afterschool Alliance. (n.d.). “Starting an Afterschool Program.” A collection of resources to guide you in starting an afterschool program.
  • Diedrich, K., McElvain, C., & Kaufman, S. (2005). Principal’s Guide to Effective Afterschool Programs: Tools for School Improvement. Published by Learning Point Associates. A guide intended to help school principals and administrative staff understand how they can connect with and support afterschool programs, and how those programs benefit their work.