Issue Education Resources

Welcome! This page contains the info, materials, and resources you need to effectively communicate the importance of afterschool to your elected  representatives at the state and federal level. Remember, representatives want to hear from their constituents about which issues are important to them, including afterschool! Educating your representatives about important policy issues is different from lobbying on specific legislation. That said, here are issue education resources you can use:

  • Who Represents Me? - A tool to look up your state and federal representatives, based on your address.
  • Lobbying vs Issue Education - This handout explains the difference between issue education and lobbying, and includes sample messages to help you craft issue education communications to elected officials.
  • #AfterschoolSuccess Postcards - A collection of 4 postcards that help parents, grandparents, or anyone share "why afterschool makes me smile." They can be printed out on regular 8.5 x 11" paper and cut in half for an easy-to-mail message to elected officials.
  • Quick Facts on 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) in Minnesota - This fact sheet gives you the quick facts about the federal 21st CCLC program which funds afterschool in Minnesota and across the country. 


Thank you for stepping up to inform policymakers and build support for afterschool in Minnesota!