A Decade of Dedication to Minnesota’s Youth & the Power of Afterschool

The name Ignite Afterschool may be new, but our dedication to ensuring that all youth in Minnesota have access to high-quality afterschool programs is not.

In 2004, Minnesota’s afterschool community recognized that the need for all youth throughout Minnesota to have access to quality afterschool programs was too important for one organization alone.

Thus, Youth Community Connections was formed, a collaboration designed to give all Minnesota’s afterschool stakeholders a united voice on the most pressing issues affecting afterschool.  That organization came to be known as the Minnesota Afterschool Network.

In 2013, we assumed our new identity as Ignite Afterschool. This new identity reflects our desire to ignite the shared commitment to young people that we know resides in every corner of Minnesota.  We continue to bring together afterschool allies from across the state, with the goal of using our combined resources and expertise to improve the funding, availability and quality of out-of-school time programming for young people throughout Minnesota.

Today, Ignite Afterschool’s partners represent a diverse mix of organizations from across Minnesota.— Though they do their work differently and serve different areas of Minnesota, they’re all united in their dedication to improving the lives of young people through afterschool.

Ignite Afterschool welcomes all individuals and organizations that are passionate about providing quality afterschool learning opportunities for young people in Minnesota.  Please contact us and find out how you can ignite the power of afterschool.